What is Ewa Agoyin made of?

Ewa Aganyin sauce is a spicy sauce made with dried tatashe, chili pepper, and lot of onions. I try to make more than I need for a day when making this recipe so that I can have enough to keep in my rerigerator or freeze. Yes, it freezes well!


-3 cups Black Eyed Beans

-300ml Palm Oil

-8-10 Pieces Dried Bell Peppers (Tatsahe big)

-1 Medium Size Red Onion

-2-3 Pieces Cameroon Pepper

-3 Heaped Tablespoons Dried Pepper Seeds

-1 Tablespoon Ground Pepper (Atagungun)

-1/2 Teaspoon Minced Ginger

-2 Tablespoons Dried whole crayfish or 1/2 cup smoked fish(optional)

-1 Maggi Crayfish (optional)



-Blend your pepper, minced ginger, crayfish & Maggi crayfish together; Set aside. 

-Pick and wash your beans, and cook till tender.

-Once fully cooked, use a wooden spoon to mash the beans till there are almost no whole beans in sight. 

-Get yourself a saucepan and bleach your palm oil for 10 mins; Add your chopped onions and fry until it's a little burnt.

-Add your blended pepper, ground pepper, smoked fish, and salt to taste. Still, on low heat, let it fry for at least 40 minutes.

-Your sauce should look a bit black but not burnt. 

-Your Ewa Agoyin is ready; Serve with fried plantains or enjoy with soft bread...🤗

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